Tuesday, November 21, 2006

CSI: Miami

Maybe the CSI stands for Curiously Short of Interesting.

Assorted thoughts collected while watching an episode of the show last night:
  • If you're going to have a show about a murder, have a show about a murder. If you want one about a terrorist plot to blow up a nuclear power plant, have a different show. If you insist on having both in one show, maybe an hour's not long enough to, say, develop anything.
  • Nobody who really does a job has to define all the tools they use.
    "Quick, Officer Smith, get your shotgun!"
    "I have retrieved my shotgun, which I use to fire shells!"
  • If a truck carrying 10,000 pounds of plastic explosives leaves the docks at noon, what will its location be at 3 p.m.? If you said just outside the nuclear power plant, but close enough to intercept before it does any harm, you are correct.
Watching the show would have been a huge waste of time if it hadn't led to a half-hour of hysterical laughing and fake dialogue at bedtime.


Daphne said...

You see the problem is that you didn't watch the correct CSI... there are three of them. But the original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is the only one worth watching (its the one that airs Thursday nights and is based in Las Vegas). In my opinion the other two are hopeless knockoffs that have no business being on TV.

Just my opinion

Alasdair said...

Hey, you're opinion counts! We'll have to check out the real McCoy...

Also a fault in the Miami version: David Caruso's character referred to the Department of Homeland Security as the "Homeland Security agency."


lulu said...

I like CSI:New York, but the original is the best. I can't watch CSI:Miami at all, because David Caruso's character makes me insane. He makes all thse really cryptic, vaguely prescient statements like he's Dumbledore or something.