Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More on strep & staph nose

If you are reading this post, it is probably because you have a staph or strep infection in your nose. Many people who come to this blog come here for this post, so you have a lot of company.

The first time I was infected, I had never even heard of such a thing as strep or staph nose. Here's what I know about this pesky problem:

My noses background includes one strep infection, in 2003 or 2004, and one staph infection (two species, I was told) that started in 2006. The infection has been back two more times since the initial infection. My risk factor apparently is that I am routinely congested because of an allergy to swimming pool chemicals (I swim a lot).

For me, the symptoms have been annoying, itchy and painful little cuts inside my nose that won't heal. Weirdly, I have only had the infections in one nostril.

Treatment is simple. You just spread antibiotic "cream" - really a petroleum jelly goop - around inside your nose twice a day for 10 days. The drugs can be expensive (I had insurance, and the prescription for the strep was still $40), or cheap (the staph infections were attacked with an 0ver-the-counter remedy, like Neosporin).

Simple, yes, but effective? The staph infection has been back a couple times (it started in September 2006 and I just finished a third antibiotic course today, Jan. 19, 2007). Some of the literature I found online suggests eradicating staph nose (typically staphylococcus aureus, for which an excellent article can be found here) can be a yearlong process: five days each month for a year!

Speaking generally, streptococcus and staphylococcus bacteria seem to be omnipresent, like coliform bacteria, and can cause much more havoc than stupid nose infections. Flesh-eating bacteria, for example, is a variety of strep.

That's about all I know so far. If you arrive here with a bummed out nose, take heart and if you haven't already, pay a visit to your health-care provider.

Here are three more reasonably good links:

Dr. Gabe Mirkin on treatment of staph nose article about antibiotic resistant staph nose
A longer but better netdoctor article on resistant staph

If this post did not answer a question you have, please leave a comment and I will hunt down the answer.


pearly1979 said...
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Jana said...

I was just diagnosed with my first staph nose infection today. It came on suddenly yesterday, and as I had an appointment today anyway, got that checked out. The redness and puffiness has spread even since this morning. I am to apply polysporin (I think!) three times a day for two weeks to depopulate the flora. I am only infected in the left nostril. Glad to know others have the same problem. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Alasdair said...

Sarah - I'm very sorry to hear your daughter got infected. That is a very scary infection; I hope you've been to the doctor with her already (if not, go! immediately).

From what I understand, the bacteria is pretty much everywhere, so it isn't necessarily avoidable, which is also scary. So what can you and she do to avoid reinfection?

First, nobody (including your daughter) should touch her face, but if it has to be done, thorough hand washing needs to come first (hot water, soap and thoroughness - i.e. under the nails, up past the wrists, etc.) Also, be sure to dry your (or her) hands on a clean towel. Paper towels are probably the safest bet.

Final note: I'm not a doctor, just an informed person (with a more informed scientist wife), so be sure to check with your medical pros. If they try to tell you the bacteria isn't everywhere, be very suspicious.

Jana - Well, you're in my boat now! It sounds like you got the usual instructions for fixing your nose (I only get one nostril, too. Weird). Be sure to do the full two weeks, even though your infection should look like it's gone a lot sooner.

pearly1979 said...
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Troi said...

Hi, I have been getting this in my nose for years. It started as a kid and now at 35 I am still getting it. Pesky and eye watering to say the least!

Anonymous said...

Whole body immunity is critical to controlling staph. It is in most everyone's body all the time. When your resistance is lowered from bad nutrition, stress, or other causes like the insult to your mucus membranes from pool chlorine and chemicals, the staph takes advantage.

Try a combination of nutrition, stress reduction/relief, and immunity boosting herbs.

I use Shaklee "Nutriferon" when I think I need a boost. There are other formulas out there, too.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if anyone with the staph infection has also had a bad metallic/bitter taste in their mouth. Thanks

Alasdair said...

That would be news to me. I have heard that dehydration and postnasal drip can both be associated with that taste, and if you use decongestants (maybe you don't?) it can be easy to get dehydrated. I had to drink a *lot* of water to make up for Claritin-D...

But maybe others have had this happen, too?

Anonymous said...

This is a response to someone who asked about a bad metallic taste in their mouth. Yes, I had the bad metallic taste and couldn't figure out what it was. About two weeks after I noticed it, I had what I thought was a spider bite. It turned out to be the MRSA staph infection. It started as a small pimple-looking thing, no bigger than a freckle, that quickly grew to about the size of two adult fists. I waited too long to go to the doctor, thinking it was a spider bite. I ended up with two abscesses on my stomach the diameter and depth of pop bottle caps. It has taken me nearly a month, of going to the doctor nearly everyday, to clear up the abscess. The metallic taste didn't make sense until the staph appeared.
The metallic taste can also be form other things, but I relate the metallic taste to staph.

Anonymous said...

I also have a nasal staph infection. It started out in one nostril and has now spread to both. My doctor is having me do a combination of using a neti pot (saline wash) and bacitracin every day. I hope it works. I also get the bad taste/metallic taste in my mouth sometimes. I believe it is related to the infection. My doctor told me that it is often a chronic condition that will need to be treated for a long time, probably life. She said that it can come and go. When I had my last child I tested positive for the staph bacteria and had to be given antibiotics before delivering. I guess I have the staph everywhere it seems!

Anonymous said...

I developed a staph infection in one nostril about 4 months ago. I'm 49 and never had anything like that so it was quite a surprise. I moved to another country while still healing and at the time the swelling had diminished dramatically with only a small bump left. 3 months later, I still have that small bump and have had continuous leakage and lesions in that area, even moving over to the other nostril.

I thought i had finally gotten it under control with daily neosporin applications and just a few days ago I had a new lesion on the other side of the original nostril.

It seems that my immune system has started falling apart. is this related to age? I'm 49.

Alasdair said...

Great question! Age shouldn't be a factor for someone as young as you (or so the heavy-firepower experts suggest). The trouble with staph is that it is everywhere, so you don't really have to be exposed to it to get infected, you just have to have the stars align against you...

I've now had four infections (I'm 36). None were a big deal, but the last was a real drag because of the swelling (I'd only had the non-healing cuts before). I vanquished it with the usual drugs, like you.

Maybe you should check with your doctor - I am not one, of course - to be on the safe side. Best of luck!

Suzana said...

My son got stafilococcus aureus in his nose when he went to kindergarten at the age of 2, got antibiotics for it and then after the therapy the results showed streptococcus pneumoniae, got antibiotics again and they didn't help, and then again and they helped for a short time, then again he got streptococcus pneumoniae and only once more stafilococcus aureus. Then for about half a year he didn't have any bacteria, and then again he did. Three weeks ago he had streptococcus pyogenes, he got antibiotics; the results showed spreptococcus pneumoniae, finally the doctors didn't gave him any therapy because he didn't have any symptoms and three days ago we went for a check up; now he has betahemolitic streptoccocus for the first time in his life, the specialists gave us no treatment, but the family doctor said he had to take antibiotics again and I don't know what to do. And not to forget, at one time he had moraxella catarhalis in his nose. So far these bacteria are not found in his throat, only in his nose. He is now 5 years old and has been receiving antibiotics on and off for 3 years, but to no avail! I'm desperate; if doctors can't help, who can?

Alasdair said...

Wow, Suzana, that sounds terrible. Poor kiddo.

I have to say I don't have an answer, nor even a really good guess.

I think in that situation I'd try to get some epidemiologist type to give me some information. Depending on where you live, it might not hurt to contact the county health department and try to talk to the epidemiologist or public health specialist (sometimes that's the agency chief).

I'm only suggesting that because the specialists you've seen haven't got an answer. That's probably a shot in the dark, too, but who knows?

Anyway, good luck, and I'm very sorry you and your son are having to go through this.

Suzana said...

I decided to listen to the specialists and not my son's doctor. I decided not to give him the prescribed antibiotic (in this case - amoxiclav). His throat is OK, he's got no temperature; in fact he hasn't got any symptoms except for having a runny nose (which is bearable). If he shows any symptoms, I'll buy the prescribed antibiotic, if not - we'll wait for the check-up which is in 15 days. If antibiotics haven't helped so far, I don't believe they'll help now. Thanks for the concern, Alasdair.
I think I'll try with detoxication, which means I'll give him aloe vera. They say it helps the liver to get rid of the toxins, and then perhaps the antibiotics will help (I'm not really convinced, but I'll give it a try, there's nothing to lose) And if that doesn't help, I might try homeopathy. If traditional medicine can't help, we'll try alternative medicine.

Anonymous said...

Did you try antibiotic ointment for inside the nose, also maybe a swimmer's ear drop for his ears and kids-anti bacterial mouthwash for gargleing (sp?). Let's give it no where to run.
Maybe if you make the environment inhospitable to the bacteria, it will go away.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I am a guy. A stubborn dumb guy. Ive had headaches behind my eyes that were horrendous. A dry set of nostrils, itchy, peely, flaky, bloody. Then start back at dry again.
How's that for 3 months? When it went to the outside of my nose a month ago, i thought I'd wait a month to go see a Dr. Today I was diagnosed with a nasal staph infection. An oral antibiotic and a topical cream antibiotic and back to the doc in a week. I have been so itchy and aggravated the entire time. If it doesn't clear up, and has spread to sinuses, bad things may be on the horizon. If you have symptoms, don't be a ME, go see a doc.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post Alisdair and the contributions everyone.

I had my first staph infections about 12 years ago now, in my nostrils as well as abscesses on various parts of my body. The various doctor-prescribed pills and nasal ointments, and skin washes, poultices, etc. didn't provide relief or eradicate the infections, which occured over a couple of years. (One thing the doctors advised, which hasn't been mentioned here yet, was to put bactroban ointment under my fingernails.)

I was eventually hospitalised to have a surgical draining of an abscess, and had antibiotics pumped through me by IV drip - that seemed to fix me up, but the side effects weren't very nice.

The infections started again a couple of years ago, and my partner got them bad too. We and our sons went on a long course of antibiotics, which has finished - but the infection is back in my nostrils again, with the usual painful swelling and rawness. (I also have had the metallic taste in my mouth mentioned by some of you.)

I'm beginning to wonder if there is some chemical or mineral deficiency in my diet, or if I have a deficient immune system, so I have decided to avoid chemical antibiotics, and will try colloidal silver (a natural antibiotic) and large doses of echinacea and vitamin C, together with a mix of chelated minerals and vitamins.

Wish me luck, and I'll keep you posted on this experiment!


Anonymous said...

I'm having treatment for a nose staph infection, after 4 yrs of dry, bleeding, scabby, polyp growths a the base of my nose. If this treatment doesn't clear it up, the doctor wants to do a biopsy.

The first doctor 4 yrs ago, NEVER looked in my nose and said to use vaseline for a dry mucousy nose.

The next doctor 2 yrs ago, looked in my nose, said dried mucous (snot) and to use vaseline.

Now that the crustaceans are growing out my nostril and grow SO big like cauliflower that I can't breath unless I lubricate them for days and scrape them out myself (only to reform as soon as my nose dries out).... I finally called my idjiot family doctor and told him to refer me to an ENT.

Damn glad I did!

Said all that to say, don't listen to idiot family doctors that are fine for checkups if you are HEALTHY. If something is wrong and they give you lame advice like vaseline, then it's time to find another doctor.

I've tried vaseline, colloidal silver, bacytracin, neosporin, you name it. Couldn't even stand a dry kleenex in my nose from the cuts and raw burning.

Sorry to hear of others with the same problem, and that although it may come back, it is treatable.

I spend a month of daily visits to a relative in ICU about the time this started, so who knows. I know it wasn't the cleanest place in the world with medical waste on the floor where the techs would miss the trash can. Pretty disgusting for ICU lol.

Anonymous said...

I have actually had sores in my nose on and off for about 15 months. Lately they have been more on than off and sometimes I have one or more sores in my nostrils. For the longest time it was only my left nostril but I have had one or two little sores in my right. I never knew what it was and never went to the doctor for it because it did not seem like that big of a deal. Today, I visited the doctor for a bad cold (I have actually had quite a few bad colds over the last year and 3 sinus infections) and decided to mention the sores to him; I am SO! glad I did! Come to find out I have had a staph infection in my nose this whole time! The open sores were causing me to be more susceptible to germs so I have been getting more colds because of it! Who knew?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kara,
Just a comment to your last post...what were the treatments the doctor gave you? I woke up today with a painful redness/sore in my nostril and normally I'd just think it's a pimple or something, but given I had a staph infection recently on my face, I'm wondering if this is a recurrance of the staph infection.

Anonymous said...

Guess where I got Staph. On my penis. It started as a tiny bump. Something that one overlooks. A minuscule abrasion from sex or an infected hair follicle (both of which I've had before).

Then the bump got bigger. Quickly. It became a dime-sized raw spot. I continued to ignore it, thinking that the continued sex was the culprit (I live with my girlfriend).

It became difficult to ignore. A very terrible ulcer developed that spread out the size of a silver dollar. I began the paranoid STD panic.

I had fully convinced myself it was a herpes uler and made an appointment at Planned Parenthood. I cried about it. I was prepared for a life time with herpes.

The (extremely capable) practitioner took one look at it knew it wasn't herpes. She should know, she sees it every day. She said that it looked like staph and so recommended frequent baths, a course of antibiotics, and ointment in the nose and on the wound.

Within a few days the wound had subsided and now (little under a week) is almost gone.

The weird thing is I am a CHRONIC sinusitis sufferer. I'm beginning to think there is a correlation between my outbreak of vicious penis staph and my severe sinus disorder. In a way I'm thankful towards the penis staph for pointing my nose in its direction. Thanks, penis staph.

Upon searching this (sinusitis, staph) I came across Sinus Dynamics. A nebulizer for sinus medications. I'm pursuing it ASAP. I don't need to research it to death, I'm desperate (if you have chronic sinusitis you probably are too).

I hope that sinus sufferes (especially with staph problems) will look into this. I also hope anyone with staph on his or her genitals will take some solace in knowing he is not alone. If you catch it early, it will be OK.

Remember, rapidly spreading wounds, ulcers, rashes, and strange growths? See the doctor. Now.

PS THANK YOU for this blog post and mini-staph support message board. I wish everyone the best of luck and good health to all and their families.

Anonymous said...

I got all of these types of staph over several years and one day I took amoxicillin and after two days the staph went away. I repeated this several times and it worked every time but I might have built up an immunity to amoxicillin now, I'm not sure. I would consult with your doctor first before trying this. Good luck all I know this stuff is painful and annoying.

Anonymous said...

Hello, all -

I am typing this with Bactroban under my fingernails :) My problems with staph have probably been going on for about ten years now, but I never developed a serious enough infection to warrant a doctor's visit - mainly boils and abscesses, nasal issues as described in this blog, etc. Looking back on it, I've probably been a staph carrier since adolescence, despite being fastidiously clean and a compulsive handwasher (I have the eczema on the backs of my hands to prove it!). What clued me in to staph happened two years ago in grad school. I developed virulent cystic acne after never having had so much as a minor pimple in my life, and I often picked at the cysts in my sleep. One of the cysts on my left cheek developed a raging staph infection, and I awoke on morning with the left side of my face red and swollen and my left eye swollen shut. An immediate trip to my GP found the staph, and a course of clindamycin cleared it up. The antibiotics also helped clear up my acne. I continued to have boils, but none of them turned into the kind of infection I had on my face. I just figured the staph went away; I didn't know the bacteria lived on the skin and that I was probably a carrier of the bacteria as well. Thinking my problems with staph were over, I was shocked yesterday to find that a minor sunburn blister on my shoulder had become a huge, painful, red and yellow abscess. I hurried to the med clinic down the street from my office and was once again diagnosed with staph. I never even touched the blister with unclean hands! I had actually been cleaning the blister with Hibiclens, which was recommended to my by the doctor who treated my first staph infection. I left the med clinic with another round of clindamycin. However, I was angry at having got another staph infection, and I wanted to figure out how the hell to rid my body of the bacteria. After some internet research, I contacted a family friend who is an NP. She said quite plainly that I needed to take my antibiotics, keep myself very clean, immediately tend to any open wounds - and get some Bactroban to put in my nose and under my fingernails twice a day for five days. I was surprised; none of the other doctors I'd seen had told me about Bactroban. The friend wrote me a prescription, and I filled it today. Admittedly, the Bactroban burns a little bit in my nose, and I'm wearing white gloves so that I don't get the stuff in my eyes, but if this is what I have to try in order to kill the staph that's in my body, that's fine with me.
I really urge everyone to read up all they can on staph and on ways to treat it. Some doctors don't seem to be as up on things as they ought to be, as you can see in my case. And please, please go to a doctor if a cut, boil, pimple, or whatever gets green-yellow, red, swollen, and painful. It's going to be staph, and if you don't treat it, you'll end up in the hospital. Good luck to all fellow staph sufferers and take care!

Anonymous said...

I have had a nose infection that won't go away, especially the left nostril. Here's another treatment that I am gonna try today.

StrayGoat said...

For 15 years, I've had post-nasal drip and recurrent hair infections and pimples/boils, primarily on the face. The cause has never been diagnosed, but I suspect it is staph as it always goes away with a bit of Fucidin treatment or flucloxacillin (but comes back eventually). At first it was dismissed as acne, but I'm 33 now and still have the same problems - I get lots of infected hairs, sometimes deep, especially if I shave close to the skin. I am also prone to lumps and bumps above my brow, especially after excercise (I do quite a lot). The skin conditions can range from painful boils and small pimples to strange, shallow blisters (these are actually the worst as they leave a mark that takes longer to fade).

When I go to the doctors, they always suspect I have diabetes but the tests always come back normal. So they just prescribe antibiotics and leave it at that. They've told me it is something I'm probably going to have to learn to live with.

I'm wondering if the 5 days per month cleaning of my nostrils with an anti-bacterial solution would help? Has anyone done this and had success? I have some lotion that is known to kill MRSA and is safe to use in the nostrils...worth a try?

Oh, and that penis sore tale explains something. I had the same thing and went to get treatment at the STU, but they said it wasn't a sexually transmitted thing and was most likely a bacterial infection. Now at long last it makes sense - I probably passed it there from my hands when going to the toilet! I nearly ended up getting divorced over that as well!!!

Anonymous said...

I have streptococcus nasal infection, no sores, so runny nose, no catarrh just an absolutely AWFUL smell in both nostrils!! I can't seem to find anyone else who has this smell!!! The only thing that seems to get rid of it is a course of Amoxicillin. Hope this is some small comfort to anyone else who has the same symptoms.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, who knew how common this was. I have had what I thought was just a dry, sore nose for weeks. I had a cold, and ended up with a dry sore nose again once the cold cleared up. About a week after the cold cleared up, my nose was not just sore, but really red and swollen. I had been putting Neosporin in it for about a week already so I thought nothing of it until it got this bad. I called my PCP and got a course of antibiotics. Hopefully this clears up but it sounds like it's recurring. I'm in nursing school and recently started working the the hospital. With being around so many MRSA positive patients I am hoping this is nothing too serious that I have! Good to know I'm not alone!

Anonymous said...

I recently visited my doctor and was told the paiful swollen bump on my nose was a staph infection, well thanks to all the posts here it got me to thinking about the sore in my son's nose which he has had for about a month now. I think he has a staph infection too(I may have caught it from him when he kisses me goodnight!) Everyone has been most informative. I'll now take my son off to the GP.

Jared said...

the only thing you can do to avoid staph is to wash your hands!!! thats the only way that it gets into your system... pools, gyms, bathrooms are all infested with staph. . . Clean everything that has been touched, wash clothes with hot water. . .if you don't do this then the bacteria will still be around and can infect others. . . the hospital that i work at uses VIREX to clean with, you have to let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes so that it kills all of the bacteria. also, you can do this with other powerful cleaners that are anti-bacterial.

Anonymous said...

I too have the AWFUL smell in both nostrils for the past month. The closest thing I can compare it to is the smell of car exhaust! Not very pleasant. It started with a sore/pimple in my left nostril about 6 weeks ago. It did go away after applying polysporin many times a day.
Last Friday I went to the doctor and happen to mention it and he said it was a staph infection and to just rinse it with saline. It has only been a few days and I know I should give it more time but am wondering if I should go back and get an antibiotic prescription before it gets worse.
I had never heard of such a thing so am somewhat perplexed :)
Thanks for this site!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else had sore throat and fevers associated with their staph infections? My doctors were not clear if the two were related.

kathryn said...

Wow I can't believe how wide spread this problem is! I first developed staph nose infections about 4 years ago, whilst I was a student. I suffered for MONTHS before finally seeing my doctor. Since then I have had recurrent infections in my nose, infected hair follicles both on my underarms and bikini line, and experienced strange pimples on my face, all as a result of staph bacteria.

After nagging my doctor to run tests to determine the underlying causes, she found I was slightly anaemic. I have been taking iron supplements on and off for the past year, and since then I have been relatively staph free.

However it is now back! Doctor is running more tests so hopefully this won't be something I just have to put up with..

Best wishes to everyone else and I hope we find the answers soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to find out I am not the only one with this problem. I've had a scar in my nose for a couple of weeks that keeps scabbing over. Finally contacted my doctor and he is prescribing the bacitracin to see if this is the problem. Argg. What a gross problem to have!

Anonymous said...

I've had a staph infection in my nose off and on for about 8 years. For years I didn't know what it was, cause it would easily go away, but they progressively got worse. This time, its really bad and I feel like I have a tooth ache, like the pain is spreading. Can these staph infections in your nose spread to other places, like your brain?? I'm worried now and going to doc tomorrow.

dancilhoney said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow, it's amazing to learn that something I've never heard of is so common. I also have a staph infection in my nose. I thought it was allergies and dry air. I mentioned it on a routine follow up to the allergy doc. He told me to just use an antibiotic in my nose but now I am wondering if I should also be taking oral antibiotics. I have been on Rheumatoid Arthritis meds for a couple of years. These are nasty immune suppressing drugs. I have an appt with my RA doc and I'm going to stop these drugs. There's got to be another way.

I feel like I am catching a cold or is this just more of the staph infection. I can't breathe through my nose very well and my eyes are itchy,burning.
Also, can strep or staph nose lead to strep throat? Has anyone experienced that?

nose job Philippines said...

Finding the right doctor is probably the most important thing,having a nose problem is not easy it will ruin your day.


Fionae said...

I know this may be a long shot, but a Naturopath told me there is a connection between bananas and staph infections. My son is 5 and Has Down syndrome, so his immune system is compromised and he seems to get these infections every few months. He has a banana mashed into his cereal everyday so I am going to stop the bananas (unfortunately, as he loves them)and see if it makes any difference. Has anyone else ever heard of the banana connection??

nose lift philippines said...

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Anonymous said...

Interesting to hear all the stories. I've had septal ulceration, crusting and bleeding for hmm 17 years now (mainly in one nostril). In that time I've seen about 6 ENT specialists but it was only last year that I was finally diagnosed with staph aureus. Previously I'd been through the creams, cauterization etc to no avail. Then 10 years ago a specialist suggested my slight septal deviation may be causing the problem by creating a drying airflow. I had the operation which did nothing to improve things, and from that point I had the additional problem of a saddle nose, which sometimes causes red inflammation (so I use foundation cream to cover the redness when necessary). All these symptoms cause discomfort which varies in intensity, at times its quite unbearable though panadol helps. Since the staph diagnosis I have been irrigating twice daily with a salt and bactroban douche. I'll report back if anything changes. The last 2 specialists I've seen were the most helpful, and possible procedures I may consider are getting a temporary plastic sheath stitched over the ulceration to prevent drying airflows, repair to the collapsed bridge, and a new treatment involvingthe patient having their blood plasma concentrated and injected back into the wound site which apparently helps with wound healing (but is expensive, not covered by any funds and has never been used for nasal ulceration to my specialist's knowledge. Hope this is of interest to our little club here.

Breast Enlargement Los Angeles said...

face time in my life i get infected from staph nose and really i don't have any words to say that how much i hate this problem from this first time . Its really painful problem and still now i don't find any permanent solution to this and let me try your this method also and see how its work for me

Misterkite said...

I have a nasal staph infection again, for the third time in 4 years. It always comes on after a heavy cold, when I blow my nose too hard or too often and get a cut in a nostril, which then becomes infected. I'm generally very well, and only have about one cold a year, usually in Autumn - around now! Each time m nose becomes red and swollen, painful and hot inside, and it is often - bizarrely, as most people have commented here - only on the left nostril. Each time it has been cured within days by a course of flucloxycillin. The first time I had to work hard to convince the doctor that I needed anti-biotics, the second time I just explained to the GP, and he reasonably presctibed them straight away. I never take anti-biotics regularly, and the last time I needed them was a year ago, for this same issue. I haven't seen my GP since then. Am going tomorrow - will hopefully get them easily again. Anyone who does get antibiotics - make sure you take the full course, even though the infection goes after 3 days!

Toni Toni said...

I've had pink eye four times in the last five months. Each time I would get a sore in my nose first, then the pink eye about a week later,sometimes in both eyes, but only in my right nostril. Every reoccurance of the nose sore (which doesn't hurt unless I pick at it) starts when I use a saline nose spray for dry nose and throat. I've been given antibiotic eye drops which clear up the pink eye, but I've never correlated it to the nose sore before today. I guess its time to go to either an eye Dr. or ENT Dr. Any suggestions as to which type of Dr. I need to see?

Alasdair said...

Wow, pink eye plus staph - that sounds rotten. I haven't heard of the two going together, but I believe it! Me personally, I'd try a general practitioner first, but jeez, maybe it's better to go to an ENT and cut out the middle person. I'd definitely go soon - these things can go on and on, as you can see from this thread. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried sage ? My mom told me to try this I kept getting staph on my belly side area . She told me to boil it apply with cotton balls and put gauze on it . Well I did and it came bak a month later so I used it again this time I caught it early plus I used bacitracin on skin then gauze/ bandaid. Now I'm doing the bacitracin on my nose. My son has this recurring runny nose even in the summer so I'm going to try bacitracin on him too before he gets any infections. You can drink sage like tea also it's just really bitter horrible taste. My mom recommends to also do a detox to get rid of the toxins of staph. I'm listening to her I hope this helps!!! Good luck!!!

CKPratte said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, I was diagnosed with staph in my nose after a sore appeared and started to hurt. It hasn't spread or anything but I'm worried about it. They prescribed me Levaquin because I've had to use antibiotics a lot in the past. Has anyone else taken oral antibiotics for this? I'm 19 by the way and I have really bad anxiety so I worry a lot:(

Becky Baker said...

I had a staf infection in my nose and I used a netti pot cleanse with 1 cup of warm water, doterra essential oils, 2 drops of oregano oil, 4 drops of frankincense, and 2 drops of on guard and sea salt it cleared out immediately and in the day I used tea tree oil on the sore it only took about two days to blast it out..

John Dudley said...

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Katie said...

I will be going to the dr tomorrow. I have had what started as a little sore for over 2 weeks now. It has now spread throughout that entire nostril and is very painful. I am prone to staph (immune deficiency) and it just occurred to me today that staph is in our nose. Glad I looked this up because now I'm pretty certain this is what I have. Great..... I'm getting married in 12 days :/

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