Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Desk nonsense, part II

That last post was popular!

So, here's what's in my top drawer:
  • Four Sharpie ultra fine point markers - Columbia blue, fuschia, tangerine and lime (these are for my color-coded calendar)
  • One Sharpie fine point marker - black (for graffiti!)
  • One Pilot ultra fine point permanent type pen - red (and NO XYLENE, thank god)
  • Seven paperclips (three red and one each of blue, yellow, green and white)
  • Two little binder clips (the cute teeny ones good for "binding" about two pieces of paper
  • Two blaze orange earplugs (let's go hunting!)
  • One uncanceled stamp
  • One latex-free generic Band-Aid
  • An unused letter opener from the USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council
  • One notepad with nine remaining sheets of paper
  • An A section from the Aug. 1 paper (to give to a freelancer who wrote the main story)
  • An accuracy survey letter (which I need to pass on to another employee)
When I was in college, my friend Tom and I had a radio show, which we were kicked off of by the station manager in our second semester of senior year for "playing repetitious music and rambling." As you can see, old habits die hard.


Chase said...

Are you serious? Okay....

Canon Elf PowerShot S400
iPod shuffle in gold leather Kate Spade holder
Old School 20G iPod
Tide To Go pen
Clie PDA
Stack of blank white index cards (no lines!)
Scotch tape
Two sticks of glue
6-in-1 card reader
nail file
Star shaped hole punch
Defunct Cross Pen in case
six colors of Post-It flags
Two Staedtler erasers
Lime green highlighter pen (also Staedtler)
box of matches from the Library at the Hudson Hotel in NYC
Correction tape (please...NO WHITE OUT!)
Two hotel issued sewing kits
Single use Super Glue
Alphabet rubberstamps
Coffee colored stamp pad
A sheet of USPS stamps with Super Heroes on them


Alasdair said...

I like the coffee-colored stamp pad. That is cool!

lulu said...

My desk drawer is so full that it doesn't close all the way. I am a little afriad to empty everything out of it.

These are the things I *know* are in my desk drawer. God only knows what I have forgotten

at least a dozen pens each in red and black
3 boxes of staples (for my new stapler)
a granola bar
a bottle of asprin
a few hundred paper clips
a staple remover
a Tide stain removing pen
a glue stick
a big fat black Sharpie
several colored fine line Sharpies several of the ultra fine ones 9-10 pads of Post-Its in various colors and styles
a pad of Offical Hall Pass Forms
25-30 Detention Forms (last year's model)
50-60 Detention Forms (this year's model
green squirt gun
5-6 highlighters
20-25 mini-highlighters
a package of ponytail holders
my work ID
last year's work ID
a tampon
Kiehls lip balm

I'm sure there's more.

Lauren said...

And now that I am at work, here's the rest of the list.

pecil sharpener
Kiehls Cuticle Cream
3 keys with no known locks
key to locked storage cabinet
2 White-Outs
hand sanitizer
2 dry erase markers
a 7000 Dying Rats CD
a large U bolt
a sheet of gold and silver star stickers
a sheet of multicolored smiley face stickers
a Gun Kata CD
4 official school lanyards.
a bottle cap
a large Chip Clip
9 mini binder clips
a VHS tape of the Simpsons Halloween Specials featuring "The Raven"
double stick tape

Alasdair said...

wow! I need to get more stuff.

lulu said...

why in the world did I show up as "lauren"?