Thursday, October 12, 2006

Faintly Belizean dinner dish

So, I didn't have any beans ready to roll the other night, but I wanted something simple. Here's something simple:

Eight chicken thighs, skin removed
Three or four tablespoons oil
Two and half cups water
Three stalks celery
Three dried red chilies
Salt and pepper
Three cups cooked rice (I had leftovers)
Two tablespoons chickpea flour

I seared the chicken thighs in the oil over medium heat, then added the water, celery and chilies to make a sort of stew. After about 45 minutes, when the chicken was most assuredly done, I dumped in the rice and stirred in the chickpea flour.

Presto: The national dish of Belize, sans beans.


Holly said...

It reminds me of a dish I had in the s-th once that my relatives called "chicken bog." It had chicken and rice, not much else, mooshy consistency, and bland but in a really good way. It was by far and away the best thing I ate there. Grits? Blaeeeech.

Alasdair said...

Oh, I am sooo with you. Hominy is for feeding to non-human critters. Fried okra's good, though. Plus, chicken bog is a funny name!

Chase said...