Monday, October 31, 2005

the sunny side, part II

plus, Happy Halloween! The trick-or-treaters are not out in force on our busy street. They all seem to be downtown. Oh, I remember the days...
Yeah, so anyway, good swim but rainy outside, so I'm thinking no on the jog through the grass bit. I guess that's a plus to a pool - always damp.

This will blow my cover, but here's a funny page:

the sunny side

Took Sunday off... not just because of good advice to take it easy but more on account of the pool being closed (mechanical problems. rats. Not rats in the pool. Rats, the pool was closed.).
Made up for the closure with dog walking and baking molasses/ginger gorilla cookies. Tasty!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

slow - ugh

Must be getting sick or something - swam 2,000 yards Sun & Mon but decreased over the week to 1,000 on Fri. harumph, I say.
But I feel better today so I'm going to give a good workout a whirl. And try to run Monday or so, too. :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

side benefit to swimming

which started Sept. 6 with, what, a whopping 400 or 450 yards? (in 25-yard increments, so as to avoid drowning): Minus 20 pounds (or is it 18), plus some cardio conditioning.
I guess I also need to credit Clif bars, which have made the assault on the scales much more palatable/possible. I especially like the peanut toffee buzz species.
So, lighter and maybe mended, I must soon see if land activity can resume.

feeling fishy

I wonder if it is normal to ditch the original plan for a blog. ugh, too lazy to get a new name. Besides, this is a much stealthier way to post my fantastic accomplishments!
Hmmm, now doing about 2,000 yards a day, usually as a 500, 1000, 500, but last night warmed up with a 750 or 800 (MUST learn to count more accurately), then did a 1,000 and was tired. Also, needed more than 30 seconds to swim a length underwater. So, not so speedy :)

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Swam Friday & Saturday, to make up for the pool-closed nonsense on Columbus Day, and made progress on not-so-awful flip turns. Saturday being better in that respect than Friday, thanks to tips from an alert viewer. :)
So, I guess this should have been swimww instead, but maybe I'll get some decent road work in some time, too.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

more swimming

Four days off turns out to suck. Couldn't flip turn properly more than, oh, twice. At the shallow end I kept flopping over sideways and getting disoriented. It probably is a sign something is awry when you "turn" and see people in other lanes in front of you. Very weird & disconcerting.
But a very nice dude in the next lane said howdy while I was in the depths of despair about the workout, which helped take my mind off the turns. Never had this problem on foot.
Which makes me think I should rename this the swimming log. Alas.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

not quite a hike

Sooo, thought I'd start running again about two months ago. So as to see more of WW on any given hike (yeah, right). But that lasted about, oh, a couple of weeks until the inevitable haven't-run-five-miles-a-day-in-years ligament strain. Ugh.
This time, unlike previous bouts with tendinitis and that sort of crapola, I hit the pool with a vengeance - 400-450 yards on Day 1 (Sept. 6) in 25-yard increments up to 1200 yards in 150- to 250-yard increments. Much better.
Should've been a swimmer?
However: Pool's closed for Columbus Day and even the Y is closed, too. Give me a break. Must try swimming in the new bird-bath fountain at Whitman :)