Sunday, October 09, 2005

not quite a hike

Sooo, thought I'd start running again about two months ago. So as to see more of WW on any given hike (yeah, right). But that lasted about, oh, a couple of weeks until the inevitable haven't-run-five-miles-a-day-in-years ligament strain. Ugh.
This time, unlike previous bouts with tendinitis and that sort of crapola, I hit the pool with a vengeance - 400-450 yards on Day 1 (Sept. 6) in 25-yard increments up to 1200 yards in 150- to 250-yard increments. Much better.
Should've been a swimmer?
However: Pool's closed for Columbus Day and even the Y is closed, too. Give me a break. Must try swimming in the new bird-bath fountain at Whitman :)

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