Friday, September 29, 2006

What's on your desk?

Because our company's board of directors plans to visit soon, we've been encouraged to neaten our work areas. This does not usually take me very long because I don't keep much on my desk.

Besides my phone, CPU, monitor, monitor stand, keyboard, mouse and mousepad, I have:
  • two empty soda cans (diet A&W root beer and diet Pepsi - OK, I'm still working on the Pepsi, but it is almost empty).
  • my cell phone
  • a piece of paper with notes for a brief for Monday's paper
  • a red Bic "round stic fine USA" ballpoint pen
  • a promotional toy from Quizno's, one of those little cars you pull back and let go of and it zooms away. This one looks like a rocket.
  • a promotional card from the Popcorn Board. When opened, a little speaker plays the sound of popcorn popping. "Give your ears a little treat," the card urges.
  • a promotional toy from Dairy Queen to flog their Moolatte frozen blended coffee. It is one of those old-fashioned canisters that you turn upside-down, then right-side up and it moos. Cute.
  • an impressively feisty purple and green vinelike plant, which is in a yellow pot on top of my CPU (which is protected by folded-up newspaper under the pot). Besides the vine, which I love, the pot contains a small, white ceramic insulator and a pica pole (a type of ruler for unusual people).
And that is it, although near my desk is a filing cabinet that I use only as a place to put my planning calendar, which has color-coded information about stories that will appear in coming editions of the paper.

I don't know what my desk says about me, but there you have it.

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Chase said...

Okay, this is fun and a good distraction from the FINAL actual work project that sits solidly between me and my maternity leave.

On my desk at this moment:

Groovy iMac
Yellow post-it pad, shaped like a star
Half full ( :) ) bottle of Arrowhead water
Half empty San Diego Zoo mug of coffee
Cell phone
Pedometer - reading "0" steps for today - reminding me (as though the dog weren't already) that I haven't walked yet today
Forest Green telephone (must be from the 80s)
Box of Zen inspirational cards
Mint green crocheted coaster (its NOT my house - give me a break)
Stenopad with endless To-Do lists
New Albertsons "Preferred" Savings Card - just arrived in response to signing up for home grocery delivery
Kick Ass Brown Leather Mouse pad from Design Within Reach, $35 price tag still attached