Sunday, September 24, 2006

Returned from traveling abroad

OK, so northern Virginia ins't exactly "abroad," but it is a far cry from Walla Walla. I spent the last week in Reston - mostly - at a seminar for city editors at the American Press Institute (self-subtitled The Leadership Place).

Besides bringing home ideas, I also found:

  • The Reston Community Center has a decent pool. 85 degrees, but it was a good deal.
  • Gas was 30 cents a gallon cheaper there than here.
  • Jammin' Java, in Vienna, Va., is the best venue I've ever been to a show at.
  • Charlotte Martin was better than I expected, but still just pretty good (In my notebook, I wrote "This is what Tori Amos would have sounded like if she'd started with a drummer and a fancy piano thing" but I also wrote "All these piano licks are familiar" and "Joe Purdy rocked. Charlotte Martin should have opened for him").
  • Joe Purdy rocked. Plus, he's very funny.
  • If you need a cab in the Reston/Dulles area, call Mohisin Choudhry - (571) 232-6801 anytime. He's on call and a good guy to ride around with.
I found out a lot of other stuff, too, including that easy access to a computer where I could post was not to be had (as the six of you now know...).

Oh, and it is good to be back :)

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gorillaboy said...

From Walla Walla, the Washington, DC area is "abroad", according to me. My first time living outside the PNW was in Washington, DC for a semester and I felt I spent a semester abroad. Now I actually live here ?!?!?! Life's so much different in DC - there's just so much to do here as you found out. Glad you had a great trip!