Friday, September 29, 2006

A quick Indian meal

Oh, that's right, there's no such thing.

But because we have guests in town for a few days and home-cooked meals run counter to current events (10th college reunion for the butterfly lady and her homies), I whipped up:
  • A North Indian Muslim dish of beef with dark almond sauce
  • A vegetarian takeoff on that dish using acorn squash instead of Bessie
  • Sookhe aloo (I think that's Hindi for "yummy potatoes")
  • Rice with saffron, cardamom and cinnamon
I hurried, so the whole production took less than three hours. I should have enlisted help, I guess, but it was fun and the crowd liked the food.

I think the squash dish worked better than the beef version, though I think that next time, I'd use some tofu as well. And I would not make both dishes simultaneously, which although interesting was also hectic.

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