Sunday, February 17, 2008

New knife

So, my father kindly brought back - among other things - a new knife for my kitchen, an ultra-sharp ceramic knife made by Kyocera. It came in an ultra-typical (for Japan) package, which stands in, um, contrast to the staid North American packaging.

To wit:

Mine is the knife at the top of the image. A shop downtown - here - carries other knives by Kyocera, marketed more like this image from the company's North American site:

Which of these looks like it comes from a place where people have more fun?


Psychgrad said...

It's interesting how different the marketing is. I think people in North America wouldn't be willing to spend very much on a product that looks like it's packaged as a toy. I wonder how Japanese consumers would view the product using North American marketing.

lulu said...

My plastic food storage containers have little happy Asian children and bunnies on them. You'd think that they were meant for kids, but they are not. Asia is odd that way.

maria said...

Doesn't Kyocera make cell phones? With that said, i'm jealous of your ultra-cute knife. I love knifes that cut well, in style!

Alasdair said...

Yeah, the Japanese have such a brilliant handle on design that it's funny to see the cartoon-y stuff alongside the ultra-modern and ultra-sleek. But it is all good, and certainly fun. I wish we were as advanced technologically here, but alas.