Friday, July 11, 2008

Smells like home

The area where I grew up is now heavily in grapes and grass seed, but was (25 years ago) more of a patchwork of orchards (plums, prunes, apples, cherries, peaches, hazelnuts, you name it) along with grass seed, u-pick berries, peppermint (complete with distilleries) - the whole nine yards.

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The annual field burning, which is now severely out of fashion but may be making a comeback — according to an AP story I read today — bothered a lot of people, but I associate the smell of burning fields with the days of laid-back youth.

Burning fields probably isn't the best plan, especially because they're being burned so a bunch of people with no business having a huge green lawn can have a huge green lawn. But I like the smell anyway.

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