Saturday, August 02, 2008

Two b.s. sports "rules"

The brilliant sprinter Michael Johnson will have to give up a gold medal he won in the 4x400 relay in the 2000 Olympics because yet another of his teammates was using drugs at the time. Others on the team have since been found out for other transgressions, but the new revelation means actually no medal for that race.

Oddly enough, six runners are losing their gold medals for that race, reason being that two runners who were in the preliminaries were swapped out for the finals, and the Olympic dimwits have decided that if you helped out, you're a winner, too, even if you didn't actually, you know, win.

So, that's dumb shit rule No. 1. Second on my list is more obscure, but just as annoying to me.

Baseball includes 2.2 million stats, including several for fielders. You get credit for - among other things - putouts (you actually catch the ball or tag the runner to make an out), errors (which aren't even reliable, as whether it's a hit or an error is decided by the hometown scorer) and assists (you threw the ball to the guy who made the out).

Simple, right? Yeah, except what if you throw the ball to the guy who makes the out, but he drops the ball and the runner is safe? Well, you get an assist anyway, because... oh, yeah, because we're all winners.

But of course, there's big money in both these games, so maybe the explanation is pretty easy to find.

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