Monday, November 10, 2008

Give the kid the ball!

You know, when you go to the ballpark, you'll occasionally see some bully snatch a foul ball from a kid, or more often just shove the kid out of the way to make the catch himself.

When that happens, you almost always get the chance to hear 45,000 people (or 1,200 if you were at a Tampa Bay Rays game any year before this one) yelling, "Give the kid the ball!"

Now I see Sarah Palin's having to go through her wardrobe to figure out what's hers and what belongs the Republican National Committee. I say: Give the kid the clothes.

I'm not saying Sarah Palin is my secret lover or even just a pal, but I'm pretty sure she earned every damn donated-by-Republicans cent of that wardrobe being raked over the coals the past few weeks. And, pray tell, what the fuck is the RNC going to do with her clothes? Sell them as memorabilia to raise money for the next campaign? That could be effective, even if it would also be creepy. Sarah Palin's camisole for Norm Coleman's war chest!

On a side note, I see she wore a pentagram for her official portrait as governor of Alaska. Maybe she's actually Wiccan or Bahá'í? Or worships Venus? Yeah, that's the one.


lulu said...

I thought they were going to donate the clothing to charity. There are numerous organizations that help women looking for work by supplying them with interview appropriate outfits.

Yes, she's been raked over the coals, but at the same time, she was a willing participant in all of this, wasn't she?

Alasdair said...

She sure did, and probably the fuss was a good down payment for her subsequent career, whatever the hell that amounts to.

If they really donate the clothes to that kind of cause I'm all for it. I can't say that committee (nor its counterpart) strikes me as being particularly charitable, but that would be very cool.