Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Where are we?

I was reading a USA Today article this morning about how some last-minute rules enacted by that guy in Washington's administration include accumulating more information about a variety of things it is hard to picture giving a shit about, such as details about "foreigners flying to the U.S."

Now, obviously if you're not from here, you don't enjoy the rights we citizens do, so it's not like this is some big infringement, but it does remind me of the rigamarole involved in traveling to the former East Germany, where ordinary travelers got they hairy eyeball from hokey security types who I think had pretty much zero chance of intercepting a serious mischief maker. I mean, they were pretty much just about petty nosiness and schoolyard intimidation.

If you're nervous about your name and address or scared of men with guns, they've got you. Otherwise... which brings us back home. What exactly are we preparing for? Another 9/11? Remember all those people saying dipshit stuff like, "If we cancel the World Series, the terrorists have truly won," or "If I don't eat this Boston creme doughnut, the terrorists have truly won."

Maybe it isn't so, but it kinda seems like if we turn America into an impregnable fort, the terrorists might have gained the upper hand.


Anonymous said...

hey. apples and oranges.
Neither did East Germany didn't let anybody out. In addition, people weren't sneaking across the Berlin Wall trying to sneak in illegally.


Alasdair said...

Of course they're apples and oranges, but that isn't the point. The situations are different but the attitude's the same, and that attitude is un-American. At least, it used to be un-American before we started redefining those ideals.

And besides, if you want to be all, you know, *accurate* about it, we don't let everyone leave, and that goes way beyond the prison in Cuba.

All that said, I wouldn't trade where we (I assume you live here, too) live for anywhere, and I am happy to say my work helps protect our freedom.

lulu said...

The terrorists totally win if we don't eat donuts.