Wednesday, December 14, 2005

the new venue

the local Y, which turns out to be all right.
The water is a bit warm, and there are only two lane dividers, so the going's a little rougher, and the pool is 25 meters (rather than yards, at the school pool). But hey, no big deal.
So I did a couple of 500s, plus the usual cool-down routine. Not great, but better than nothing and something to build on. The revision to my turns is still a little bit of a work in progress, but that's no big deal either. I mean, it is all just swimming :)

On a weaving note, I'm near the end of Warp I, a plum-to-purple warp with shots of green and off-white. I tried a variegated chenile from Webs that runs red, green and blue (roughly, they're definitely gem colors, not namby-pamby types), and it is quite nice - at least for someone who likes horizontal stripes!
In general, I'm torn: The chenile is really quite nice in terms of color and softness but I also have good results from silk/cotton combos.
Well, I guess that's why people put on lots of different warps. Hmm. Maybe I should add an image sometime.

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