Monday, December 12, 2005

sick pools, alternative venues


Chemical troubles plague the pool; wonder if this is part of the justification routine for the cool new pool in the works at the college. Scuttlebutt is that the big cash headed toward a rumored 50-meter pool is making waves amongst some factions on campus, who think the money should be used in some other way. Of course, same scuttlebutt is that a donor anted up the dough for the pool, so there you have it.

I'm thinking the ruffled types would not have used the money for need-based scholarships, so I can't say they cut a lot of ice with me. Besides, if the school plans to be "a national liberal arts college" - the dean of faculty's bullshitty press release statement, not mine - then I guess a good pool is a start.

What rubbish. I didn't go there to attend "a national liberal arts college," I went for a good education, which the dean in his former life as a calculus prof. certainly helped provide. But he and the "dean of admissions" have since decided the best way to achieve their peculiar goal of improving the school's standing in the national magazine rankings is to further Mercer Island-ize the place, not that it needed any help in that arena.

Enough of that. I need a good swim. At least.

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