Wednesday, February 01, 2006

2,000 and counting

I raised the yardage - to 500, 1,400, 100 - again Tuesday, thinking that the first of the month would be a good day to go up and that I might as well get a head start. The result was fine, but I ran low on time (the pool is only open to lap swimmers for an hour at the time I swim).

You can do the math: 2,000 meters in an hour is not exactly flying :) But I've only been at it for five months and I'm 62.5 percent of the way to my arbitrary goal of two miles a day.

The main body of yesterday's workout was 1,400 meters and took about 33 minutes, and a good (ok, really good!) 1,500 is 15 minutes. I think I need to pull my time down to the low-20-minute range to get the main body to 2,600 in the time I've got.

This is all a far cry from running, damn it. But I love the water!

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