Thursday, February 16, 2006

Fare thee well, Sammy Sosa

Slammin' Sammy has that Raffy McGwire look to him, like it's time to exit stage right and wait for The Call.

The talking heads are talking doping and how the ascension of apparent cleanskies Cal Ripken and Tony Gwynn (gee, there's a guy who really grasped for the brass ring) might make Sosa's road to the Hall non-navigable.

Yeah, maybe.

But until doping came up a few years ago, nobody really talked about Cal Ripken's streak saving the game after the strike, or Tony Gwynn's golly-gee whiz-shucks crapola bringing the joy back to Mudville.

They talked about the Great Home Run Chase. Major League Baseball rode Sammy and Mark to riches, and the favor needs to be returned. In Sosa's case, in about five years.

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