Thursday, April 26, 2007

Places worth going

  • Chris Jordan has a cool and somewhat illuminating art project, here. No doubt this would be impressive in person. Reminds me of a guy in New Hampshire who collected 1 million pennies with his kids (I think they donated the $10k to charity), just so he could show them what a million is. That's a cool project, too.
  • Not yet depressed about the state of math education in this country? Well, check out a quick comparison of British and Chinese math education in this BBC story. The contrast between problems at the bottom of the story is, alas, stark.
  • The Onion's stories are usually obviously bogus, but this one, about RadioShack, seems a little too plausible. One of my friends (the only person I know who extends pronouncing wolf, the animal, as "woof" to what you can do with food, as in "woof down burgers") worked at RadioShack during the 1980s in, I believe, a Lynn, Mass., strip mall. What a godawful dump. Anyway, he said they were paid minimum wage, plus commission, and were instructed to try to upsell every customer. An example: "If a guy comes in looking to buy an LED, steer him toward the three-pack. That'll get you a better commission!"


Holly said...

I like that Cans Seurat.

Also, great find on the RS clip - it's like reliving the concert without the aching feet :-)

Johnny Yen said...

That guy is probably the CEO now.