Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Somewhat belated tag fun: Six strange things

And by somewhat, I mean I was tagged in December, but somehow missed the boat. Anyway, Technorati kindly alerted me to Johnny Yen's tag.

Six strange things about myself:

When I talk in my sleep, it's not in English.
I like to learn foreign languages - German, French, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, ancient Greek (yeah, that's handy) - and I seem to have a knack for it. It just seems easy, apparently especially when I'm not awake. I used to speak only German on the rare occasion I'd talk in my sleep, but I'm told I've branched out a bit. When I'm dreaming, I rarely perceive myself to be speaking a foreign language, but who knows?

I can write with my foot.
By which I mean, I can use my foot to hold a pen, not "I can drag my foot in the sand to form letters,'' which I can also do. I'm sure this, too, will come in handy. Especially when I have to communicate with ancient Greeks while my hands are tied.

I like to read the Federal Register.
So should you. Federal rule making can be boring and/or arcane, but this is the semi-hidden way that things actually get done in this country, and there are some true gems tucked away in the pages of this publication, which is published on non-holiday weekdays. When I covered environmental news, the Register was a daily must-read. This is an acquired taste, I suspect.

I can't talk politics with you.
Or anybody else, really, besides my family and others who are sworn to secrecy. A vagary of my job, but also a fabulous way to dodge boring conversations I didn't want to have anyway. I am hyper-interested in politics, just not in public.

I can't stand iceberg lettuce.
I think I am allergic to it. It makes my tongue swell up, but not too badly. Just enough to be annoying. WTF.

My other job is weaving.
Maybe that's not really super strange. But I'm not sure how many people can say they work in *two* rag trades.


Holly said...

That gem from today's federal register is about what to with the Wild Horses in NW Nevada/SE Oregon - what a cool find :-)

You always find the best stuff in the register and tell me about it - that's why I don't read it ;-)

Johnny Yen said...


I don't speak foreign languages in my speech, but my co-best friend, who is German, says that I speak accentless German when I've had a few drinks.

I used to go to the school library when I was in college and read the federal register-- I guess not surprising, given that I was a political science major. I found it fascinating, especially the things members of Congress had read into the register.

It's funny-- I was talking to a customer at the restaurant about iceberg lettuce-- she was asking if a salad she wanted had it (it didn't-- we only use romaine). I'm with you on that-- it's like eating paper. I've read that iceberg lettuce is actually one of the foods with zero nutritional value. Romaine and other lettuces are chockful of vitamins.

Ironically, my father, because of his heart medication, a blood-thinner, can only eat iceberg-- he can't eat anything with Vitamin K, a blood clotter, because it interferes with his medicine.

Johnny Yen said...

Meant to say "speak foreign languages in my sleep." Doh. Not enough sleep.

I do speak Spanish and German in my waking hours. I envy your ability to pick up languages.