Monday, June 11, 2007

Portion control

The butterfly lady, my father and I spent the past couple of weeks in Japan, mostly exploring in and around Tokyo and Kyoto (with side visits to Matsumoto and Hiroshima). During a short layover in Seattle on the way home, I bought a meal at one of the fish houses in the airport (for the lady and I: My father lives in another city and flew on a different route).

It does not take a food scientist to figure out why Japanese people and American people are not the same size. I ordered a combo meal of fish and chips, which came with clam chowder and a soda.

For $10.81, including tax, we received four hefty pieces of fried fish, french fries (about as much as a McDonald's medium, maybe a large), a large "cup" of chowder and a 20-ounce Diet Coke. The butterfly lady estimated that what we got would have been a nice meal for four Japanese women. She's right, I think.

I know that the first day back is always a huge shock, but this time seemed more shocking than usual. Maybe this is because I have been hungry (but also, thankfully, thinner) for most of the past two years, or maybe our country is just getting bigger...

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Anonymous said...

Welcome Back! Hope your trip was a good one!

I agree with your observation that we seem to have bigger portions. It's a cheaper way for restaurants to charge more. It costs less for restaurants to produce the extra food than the increase in price - so they make more money and we don't feel as we're being ripped off so much.

As a result, there's more flavorful (note I don't say good) food to eat. Remember the super-size (or king size or jumbo-size or whatever)?? As a result, we get bigger per person. Unfortunately, I've fallen for that gimmick a few too many times . . .