Friday, July 20, 2007

Not worth the calories, or the price

That's my judgment on Hershey's new "premium" milk and dark chocolate (with nibs). Neither was worth eating, even though are both a) chocolate; and b) free (a coworker brought in samples he likely got using a coupon that was in Sunday's paper for free chocolate).

Hershey's entry into this market makes sense, I guess: I hear the company's sales are flat. But I don't buy Hershey's chocolate to get a Blue Moon Chocolatier experience, just like I don't buy Miller High Life to mimic the experience of drinking a Guinness.

Anyway, the Cacao Reserve (the coupon came complete with a pronunciation guide, for Christ's sake) dark chocolate was OK but utterly forgettable, even with the nibs - just generic dark chocolate. The milk chocolate was too chewy and slimy for my taste. I don't know about the flavor; I was too distracted by the yucky texture.


The Dude in the Desert said...

Don't forget that Hersheys is pushing the FDA to allow something made with vegetable oil instead of cocoa butter to still be called chocolate.

Field Notes said...

Dude in the desert - somehow that is totally unsurprising, and GROSS.

Chase said... was HERSEY's and it was did you expect?

lulu said...

I don't bother with bad chocolate any more. It's gotta be dark and quality. (although I do have a soft spot for Cadbury Dairy Milk bars)

Alasdair said...

I'm pretty stuck on good quality, too, whatever the chow. I like those Cadbury bars, too, though. I think that was one of the types of chocolate my host family in Germany had when I was on exchange there. They kindly stocked my room (and restocked when I had gobbled enough, come to think of it). I think they had a couple of Cadbury choices, Ritter bars and Milky Ways. I remain fond of the occasional Milky Way.

All this reminds me of a great Teri Gross interview with a French lady who did heavy-duty reporting in Chechnya back when that was a fashionable corner of the Earth to report from. She was alone and clad in a burka, I think, or at least heavily veiled. She often had to hold her satellite phone between her legs to avoid being found out. She was a bad motherfucker, no doubt.
Teri was chatting with her about daily life stuff and the French lady commented that she had very little to eat, that she mostly lived on "sneakers" during her stretch in country.
Teri was like, "Sneakers? You mean you had to eat shoes?"
Ahh, no. Sneeckers, the candy bar.

Alasdair said...

Oh, for Christ's sake: I listened to the interview and found I'd remembered it incorrectly. The reporter did have Sneekers, but owned up to them being chocolate on her own. Or maybe Fresh Air got hold of the interview and doctored it post mortem. Yeah, that's the ticket.

dude in the desert said...

Here's the link w/ info, the media section has a buch of links as reported by...the media.