Monday, July 16, 2007


Over the weekend, the butterfly lady and I took in some flicks ("Death of a President" - total snoozer; "Notes on a Scandal" - well, OK, I suppose) and a couple of TV shows, including "Traveler," which we usually watch online. (I'd rather watch all the TV shows I like online and just ditch cable.)

We watched "Traveler" on ABC's dipshit media player, which as Mariposa points out forces the viewer to browse through all the shows to find the one she seeks:
"They show you the whole candy store and figure if you came in for a Snickers, you might want to leave with a Baby Ruth too."
She was in good form while surfing through homes for sale in a city we might be interested in. Our price range is, let us say, not the top tier, but maybe we wouldn't want it to be:
"People who have fuckloads of money apparently don't have fuckloads of taste."
Not that I wouldn't want to be a test case, though.

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