Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Stupidest people in America?

With apologies to my e-friends who make a fair amount of money absolutely but aren't well off relatively, I think I've found some new dumbasses to pillory: Prince Fielder, Cole Hamels and Nick Markakis, all of whom are quoted as bitching about their salaries in a USA Today article.

This exorbitantly talented trio is weathering the long wait of a young Major League Baseball player who has a) arrived; and b) isn't getting the big payday.

But when I, or more properly, they say, "big," what's meant maybe doesn't square with what you might think of as Big.

Next season's haul? Fielder: $670,000; Hamels: $500,000; Markakis: $455,000.

OK, I get it. Their teams make money hand over fist on them, but come on. When you're making 10 or 20 times good pay, you have not one god damn thing to bitch about. At least not for the record.

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Anonymous said...

I listen to sports yap on the radio and when athletes complain about salaries like these 3, the Patrick Ewing (retired NBA center) comment (from one round of NBA collective bargaining talks)is mentioned as a justification:

"We might make a lot of money but, we also spend a lot of money."

I found this here