Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Annoying new feature: Thanks, WaMu

Washington Mutual, like any bank, operates a toll-free line for people wanting to find out if the federales have bothered to deposit their "stimulus payments," etc.

I guess the bank has decided people who use its phone service to find out such things as balances, status of checks, etc., are a good captive audience for advertising.

Today, while doing routine balance checking, I got to listen to an ad for why I should sign up for a savings account with the bank, which while we're on the subject, also features the slowest ATM I've run into. I bitched about it once to a teller, who snottily told me that the ATM was a special, high-security model that was actually much better than the other thousand I've used. Sure.

OK, I know, I should just switch banks. But that's too much trouble, while griping is not.

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