Monday, October 20, 2008

Cash money dollar (coins) y'all

I'm a coin guy, always have been. Worst shit perpetrated on me by my dear sister and mother was their absurd and bullying insistence I trade a dollar in coins to her for a dollar bill. Why they insisted is beyond me, but it is one of the four grudges I still hold.
  • State quarters? Got all but Hawaii.
  • New nickels: Check (even if my dear neighbor's brother, the mayor of Seattle and namesake of this coin, disagrees with me on an important issue).
  • Silver dollar with Ike? Yup.
  • Bicentennial silver dollar with Ike? Yup again.
  • SBA? Sacagawea? Yep, yep.
  • Snazzy 1940s quarter made of actual silver? You betcha.
  • Freakin' awesome Ben Franklin half dollar of same metal? Mm-hmm.
  • Unsquelchable desire to see dollar bill go up in smoke and dollar coins (and twos, and fives, for that matter) take over? Yeppers.
But come on: If you leave the pissant $1 bill in circulation, you'll never be able to get out from under it. It is time for los federales to grow a pair, so to speak, and make the dollar the coin of the realm.


lulu said...

Best coin I've seen is the two rupee coin from India. It's got a hand holding up two fingers like a piece sign.

lulu said...

peace. d'uh.