Thursday, November 03, 2005

just gliding along

Well, easier days (1,000 on Tuesday) make harder ones (2,100-plus on Wednesday) easier, I think.
And I finally figured out why reaching with the lead arm is good: It makes the trailing arm work harder. Which also makes the swimming speedier. Yay!
Also, had a chance to plot Tunisian for 20; we'll see how that turns out. On the menu: couscous with seven vegetables (the ordinary variety with chicken and a vegetarian version, too); bread & harissa, hummus (OK, not sure that's really Tunisian, but definitely tasty and I had to make chickpeas anyway) and I guess "Tunisian stew," an excellent beef, honey and almond dish that doesn't smack of tradition but sure schmeckt gut.
Who knows? Maybe it is a specialty of Carthage or some other cosmopolitan suburb. Whatever. I'm sure it will all be lovely!

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