Monday, November 14, 2005

long haul

Hurray! If I do say so myself.
After an easy breezy Sunday night, did a 500 and a 2,000-plus (maybe 2,100?). No big deal, really, which is weird but nice. I guess my revised goal should be two miles without a break, but the goggles start feeling annoying after about 30 laps and two miles would be, what, 75 laps or so? Had an amusing non-mathematical conversation with someone who averred that 1,650 yards is a mile. Uh, yeah, when a mile is 4,950 feet, I guess.
That would make a lot of stuff faster :)

Also on Sunday, the Sticky Bun Council held a special session, at which it authorized prodcution of very excellent treats. Still not very sticky (I'm sure that's to do with the omission of corn syrup), but now that I used a larger pan they weren't a nine-headed cinammon roll but more like what you'd expect. Very tasty!
Unfortunately, the council reconvened this afternoon and - while acknowledging the sticky buns were good - demanded the associated dirty dishes be squared away by the Sticky Bun Production Task Force. A task I am currently blowing off.

Check this out: If playing defense was really such an important part of the AL MVP puzzle, as A-Rod suggests, why did Ortiz get more votes than Manny, let alone The Impaler? Make all the jokes you want about Ramirez, but he's not bad in left and that is a challenging place to play the position. Surely his presence in the field should have tipped the scales in his favor. And Vlad? Good lord, he's no liability in the field. Yeah, he only played 140 games or so, but surely that D is key.


defense is just a b.s. excuse that writers use to justify choices they couldn't justify any other way.

Yet another important debate, down the tubes :)

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