Monday, August 06, 2007

Still wicked busy

I thought summers were for relaxing, but this one is not.

The shuttle has been a-flyin' for weeks now, and I put on a new (60-yard) warp over the weekend. I keep alleging that I'll post a photo or six from this venture, but I will need to bend the space-time continuum to add time to my days in order to do that.

But I *can* talk out of both sides of my mouth: I have "discovered" that a perfectly serviceable margarita can be made with mostly non-official ingredients:

Tequila - about a third of one of those little flask-y bottles
Juice of two lemons
A slightly greater amount of key lime juice
Three heaping tablespoons of powdered sugar
About three quarters of a tray of ice cubes
A few dashes of bitters

Blend the lot and serve as you like. (This is enough to share, right?) I think this would be a poor recipe for a rocks 'rita.


Field Notes said...

Obviously it's enough to share! You weren't the only one who contributed to the disappearance of that mixture... By the way, the fact that I had not one but two of them suggests this recipe is great! (I am not a fan of margaritas, especially the lemon/lime ones. Blech)

Alasdair said...

You want some more homemade Sprite?