Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Word police

OK, here's another word that needs to be dumped. It is three words, really: improvised explosive device.

No. 1, give me a break. It has way more letters than what it means: roadside bomb.

No. 2, it gives unimaginative bozos an annoying way to talk about any policy they disagree with: "It's improvised, explosive and divisive!"

No. 3, it has that familiar ring of words that hide something, especially when the name is nicked to IED. "The IED went off" just doesn't quite put the same message across as "the bomb went off."

I'm sure there are other reasons, but I think I've found enough.


DudeInTheDesert said...

Personally I've never like "roadside bomb".
It suggests that one can avoid an explosion by staying in the middle of the road and not veering too close to its edges.
For example, I'm quit sure I can avoid running into any roadside vegetable stands while driving though the countryside.
Though the ones full of tomatoes can be tempting to hit...

lulu said...

Yes, but it makes me think of Suspect Device, and I love love love that song!