Saturday, October 06, 2007

Busy's a drag

For reasons not entirely clear to me, a recent re-org at work has resulted in a significantly heavier workload for yours truly. I mean, I know why we had the reorganization, and I know why *someone* had to take on the extra work, but I'm left wondering if maybe I had been perceived as someone with too little to do. Or as the person least likely to whine about the added work (which did not include increased pay, I notice).

I wouldn't say that of everyone in America, I have the most to do, but I don't have the least, either. Especially not now. Oh well, whatever.

Something I find interesting: Journalism has a reputation for skimpy pay. I'm not sure if it has always been so. Journalism also used to be the sovereign territory of men. I wonder if the low pay maybe coincided with the acceptance of women into the profession (by which I mean reporters and editors). That seems to be how it goes in other lines of work. All men = good pay. Let women in and you get a) a better product and b) lower pay.

I think, as the good reverend would say, the question is moot.

Speaking of which, here is an excellent appearance by man himself:

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