Sunday, October 07, 2007

Eerie timing, but who knew?

My good pal Thom and I "lip-synched" the song below in the spring of 1991 as part of Greek Week festivities at our alma mater. I put the l-s in quotes because what we actually did was "sing" loudly over the tape - yes, tape - we put into the sound system kindly provided by... who knows where it came from. I put the sing in quotes for a reason you may be able to guess. If you can't guess, read the next sentence.

You will be shocked - shocked! - to hear we drank beverages containing hops prior to our performance, which thankfully was not immortalized in a way that could one day wind up on youtube.

Alas, we came in last, a feat we were able to repeat twice in the next three years of "competition." We did our best to do our worst, but one year we foolishly chose to actually lip-synch and came in third out of four or fourth out of fifth. You can't lose them all.

Anyway, it seems Richard Thompson was playing this very song, probably on a tour in support of my favorite album of his, in Seattle, just a few hours from our college. If only I had known!

and furthermore:

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