Monday, June 19, 2006


Icelandic, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian, Makah, who cares? You kill whales, you've got mental problems.

On that happy note, I see that the International Whaling Commission has made a symbolic step toward ending the ban on whaling (which of course is not universal). Hey, I get the whole its-my-culture-that's-why-I-want-to-kill-them bit, and I also get that dead whales are valuable, but give me a break, on both accounts.

The fiscal argument cuts no ice: It's been 20 years, find a new job.

And culture? Rubbish. Cultures change. To pretend that a culture will "die" if its carriers can't kill something is a charade carried on by the superstitious and provincial, enabled by the namby-pamby forces of political correctness. Absolute bullshit.

We're not talking about whole cultures here, but if your country has represented as pro-whaling for the past 20 years and you haven't done anything about it, you're partly to blame, too.

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