Saturday, March 03, 2007

It's not hoarding if it's organized, right?

Really, I can tell you why I kept each of these things.

I'm not so sure about what to *do* with all this stuff, though. Especially the styrofoam. I just can't abide by tossing it in the landfill, and I hear there's a guy recycling styro in the area (by making it part of construction materials of some sort).

As for the glass jars - those are from peanut butter and wind up being used for lots of storage, especially of candy (which the butterfly lady and I have a weakness for, to put it mildly).

I used a bunch of the coffee cups (I got them as insulators for to-go cups from a place that used to double up) during the butterfly lady's convalescence, and the styrofoam coffee cups I got for use in an encryption machine. I guess I'll have to have a party with lots of to-go soup or something. I do actually use the yogurt containers (next to the jar with the red stuff in it) for freezing chicken stock, and sometimes the other containers come in handy. sometimes.

Lastly, I have a bunch of yarn cones. Great for crafty projects, but yegods, I have enough to do.

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