Friday, March 23, 2007

On a simple meals kick

My usual practice around dinnertime is to go for the overly complex, which means we tend to eat pretty late. Maybe the butterfly lady and I have been hungrier lately, or maybe I'm just sick of complicated meals.

On the menu at our house lately: A lot of quasi-Tunisian meals (hard-boiled eggs, fruit, yogurt, sausage - hey, I said quasi - and other simple meals (i.e. chops or burgers, plus a salad). Besides which, we've completely dropped soda, unless you count the occasional ramune (a Japanese citrus soda that comes in snazzy bottles).

I'm not sure what it all means. I like to make tricky meals (I think this is another way of saying I like to show off), but I haven't yet figured out how to fold an extra hour or two into the day!

1 comment:

lulu said...

Pasta sauce and goat cheese, that's all you need.