Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Decongestant Times

I guess Safeway and Super 1 are trying to fight Meth Madness, because I couldn't find Claritin-D (which contains pseudoephedrine) at either market. So I'm stuck with *New* Contac-D, which contains phenylephrine instead.

Besides being a nasal decongestant, "When used by injection, phenylephrine is used to maintain adequate blood pressure and to treat certain types of irregular heartbeats," according to

Twenty minutes after taking the first pill, I can't say it seems like it has done much. But between drugs and snoot-rinsing, I hope to keep the situation at bay until the college opens its new pool!

Speaking of the world aquatic, I seem to have plateaued at 1.5 miles per workout. This isn't true on Sundays, when I have more time and tend to stretch out a little (when I'm not recovering from yard work :)

I think this obstacle might be more mental than physical: I'm not slacking, but I'm also not pushing overly hard. I'm also unsure of how hard I want to push. I had toyed with working toward 2-mile workouts and a half-mile isn't that much more, but I'm not sure.

I wonder if I might need some bona fide coaching at some point to work out whatever bad habits I've added in the past few months. To wit:

X - My flip turns are still inconsistent.
X - I'm close, but I'm not taking the same number of strokes per length.
X - I have slower stretches in workouts, particularly in the main body between laps 3 and 8 and laps 23 and 28.
X - My kicking sometimes slows down or runs too deep.

Of these, I think bullets 2 and 4 are working themselves out, albeit gradually. Bullet 1 probably is not a big concern because I'm not trying to outrun people, but my pushoff is catawampus and I'm still not hydrodynamically purrfect (I am holding my hands together, so that's an improvement. I'm just not extending my arms enough).

Bullet 3? I can't decide. I still only get in four workouts a week, so maybe this is just a conditioning problem. Doing five is OK, but then the chemical warfare comes back into play. Sheesh. I need to win the lottery and build my own pool. :)


Chase said...

You can get the contraband item at this link...

Don't say I don't have your best interests in mind, hopefully I am NOT enabling a long, latent meth habit....

:) Big Sis

Dave said...

Hey, Horatio Hornblower. You should try running in the water. That way, you can get the benefits of running, only in water, so it's easier on your joints. I had a hard time picking out cough syrup today because all the anti-meth laws have changed the recipes of my favorite kinds. Luckily, they haven't messed with dextromethorphan. I should show you how to make html bullets, so you don't have to make your own. :-)