Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I heard a frantic rustling this morning in one of the tree of heaven saplings in the alley I walk down on my way to work, so I stopped to see who was making the commotion. A chipmunk!

We used to see them in our parking lot in Newmarket, but that was in the woods. I certainly didn't expect to see one in the rundown alley by the armory.

It was hyper and cute and gave me the hairy eyeball before dashing off to some unknown adventure. Maybe it is headed out on maneuvers...

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Holly said...

Why? Was it hanging out at the armory?! Cool on the sighting. I didn't think they lived here. Maybe it's an escapee? You have to watch it with those exotics, sometimes they're only houdinis! If you see Chip again ask for an id card or something. I wanna meet 'm.