Tuesday, August 22, 2006

comment-free zone

Having recently switched to blogger.com's beta upgrade, I'm wondering what the deal is with comments. I have to use an old login to comment elsewhere, and I see that leaving comments here isn't necessarily possible. Grrrr.

Hurry up, google people!


Alasdair said...

Oh, so now I can leave a comment, god damn it.

Well, whatever.

lulu said...

And yet you still can't leave a message on the previous entry. A shame, because I wanted to say that I thought the fireplace bit was the most interesting part of the story, and I would try to keep it in the lead.

Seven murders is somewhat interesting, but seven dismembered bodies in a fireplace is *really* interesting.

Alasdair said...

Oh, true. Especially for faraway killings. I didn't include the best part, which was that the guy said that after burning the bodies, he smashed up the larger bones - skulls and whatnot - with a hammer before dispersing the fragments on his plot of land.

I had this image of Andy Dufresne, strolling in the yard at Shawshank, scattering the debris he was excavating from his cell. Except, of course, that it would be this weird dude from Missouri, scattering vertebrae and femur bits.

Not quite as appetizing as bacon and gin, eh?

lulu said...

Very little in this world is as appetizing as bacon and gin.

That's a great story though, would be a good Law and Order episode.

Holly said...

Lulu's comment suggests the public does want gory details like that to be in a lead. If she's representative, no one has a right to complain when media says what bleeds leads because the public wants it that way.

And Andy was innocent - this guy, ("allegedly" is it?) seems to be guilty as sin.