Thursday, August 24, 2006

food & drink

Lulu's recent musings on gin and bacon got me to thinking, happily, on those and a few other necessities:

  • Bacon - I like to buy local, so I prefer Hill Meat Co. bacon, from Pendleton, Ore. Added bonus: delicious! I'm pretty fond of sausage, too.
  • Chocolate - the darker, the better. I like many (mostly premium) brands, and prefer bars that are 72 percent chocolate or higher.
  • Olives - fancy green ones suit me just fine. I like the ones that are unpitted, just to have something to do. They're tasty in Tunisian sandwiches, too.
  • Cheese - I'm picky here, too. I am a big fan of Parmigiano Reggiano and Grafton Village cheddar, among many others.
  • Peanut butter - Make mine Adams Natural Peanut Butter. I like the crunchy variety, and I see Smuckers (the parent company) has a devlishly clever mixer to reincorporate the oil with.
  • Cashews - It is hard to believe that something that takes so much damn work to get from farm to market can wind up costing $5.22 a pound at the local grocery. Oh, and they're yummy, too.
  • Tomatoes - In a perfect world, heirloom tomatoes, right off the vine on a hot day. Indeed, I ate one of mine just the other day: perfect.
  • Gin - Tanqueray and Bombay Sapphire are hard to beat, but I prefer Hendrick's. I prefer martinis, as opposed to having my gin neat or with tonic, mostly because of my fondness for olives. Give me five in a big glass of icy gin and color me happy.
  • Scotch - I'll drink other whisky if I must, but if you're with me, you're drinking Laphroaig.
  • Bourbon - I think "bourbon" is just American for "Scotch" and if you think about who populates Appalachia, I think you might agree. Lately, Maker's Mark, Booker's, Elijah Craig, Evan Williams and the like have taken center stage, but my favorite bourbon memory was glasses of Jim Beam at dinner just down the trail from South Twin Mountain in New Hampshire.
  • Coffee - Black, brewed in a stovetop espresso pot. Or a hot can of Georgia-Old from Family Mart.
That's a start, anyway.


lulu said...

Glad to know I inspired you. Reading your list has made me want to go shopping. Or have a martini.

Alasdair said...

Do both! In either order or simultaneously...

That would kick ass: a supermarket with a bar up front and carts that have martini-glass-shaped drink holders.

They would make a lot of money, but I think there would also be a lot of wet cleanups on aisle 6, too.