Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Will God slay Fidel?

President Bush was quoted in an AP story today as believing that when Fidel Castro, apparently ill with an intestinal malady, will "move on" is the "work of the Almighty."

Well, I guess ol' Fidel's not a bad guy then, because the Almighty's had 47 years to do something about him and he hasn't done jack shit. In fact, you could even say the Almighty has protected Castro, if you believed in that sort of thing.

I also guess that the Almighty doesn't think too much of Fidel's neighbors to the north, nor the displaced fascists in Miami who have called for Castro's head since '59. Or maybe the Almighty is only at work when she's doing something Bush likes.

Also in the news, people who see the world only in black and white apparently do something different - brainwise - than the rest of us to keep themselves in the dark.



Holly said...

So, I liked the news story but I noticed that it failed to include where this so-called experiment was published.

I looked up the apparent author, Mark Lepper, and could not find it listed on his extensive CV. Perhaps this is too hot off the press to even be officially published yet, as was the case for the industry flack marketing professor who found out that 'sweet tooths' eat more fruits than veggie eaters do.

I really hate it when news articles don't include the reference to the published article! Grrr.

Anyway, I also found out that Lepper now teaches at his undergrad alma mater (pretty darn cool) and that he got an NFS fellowship for both his undergrad *and* grad studies. Wicked jealous here.

Alasdair said...

Damn, bubba. Not too shabby :)

I agree on the wire stories leaving those things out. The story linked here seemed more like a riff by the writer than a regular news report.

Holly said...

I didn't need another article to read anyway. I already have two courtesy of Daphne.