Monday, August 14, 2006

too busy to blog!

or so it seems. This weekend, I managed to:

  • not sleep in - Puppy and Pig were too busy for that.
  • with the butterfly lady:
  1. visited two heretofore unvisited galleries
  2. buzzed through the farmers' market, where we gained nothing but ideas
  3. shopped for paint and found many more home ideas, for within and without
  4. bought paint (wowzahs)
  5. drank coffee
  6. watched 1.75 movies ("Whale Rider" and "Red Dawn")
  7. walked, fed & entertained aforementioned canines (yegods, busy monsters!)
  8. painted - she a project I started earlier for the kitchen, I the plant stand (which is now white and awaiting decorative trim she plans for it)
  9. ate clam chowder
  10. lots of other stuff!
  • wove 3.5 scarves
  • offloaded a truckful of recycling (where it all comes from, the gods only know)
  • drink more coffee
  • install a new ceiling fan in the dining/sewing/open/who-really-knows-what-it-is-for room. The old one wobbled, was noisy and had the worst possible lighting kit imaginable. The lights were designed to provide the maximum glare on any reading material below.
  • read half a book and half a magazine.
Aside from that, however, not much happened :)

1 comment:

Chase said...

Whale Rider is one of my all time favorite movies! And I think my daughter will like it since the heroine is named Pi! :)

You guys are such slackers...maybe NEXT weekend you will actually get out and do something...hee hee.