Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Categories I could easily beat that Jeopardy guy at

I think his name was Ken, or Kirby, or maybe Kitten. Whatever. He knew everything, right? Well, he didn't know everything about (or would be slower than me at):
  • Weaving terminology. Is it a woof or a weft? The world wonders.
  • Birds seen by me on Plum Island, Mass.
  • Tasks undertaken in the former Strauser Manufacturing plant in Walla Walla in the summer of 1994. Hey, they all sucked.
  • Best routes from 2B N. Main St., #212, Newmarket, N.H, to 17 Executive Drive, Hudson, NH. These mostly sucked, too.
I'm sure there's one more out there, but Jeopardy ceases to amuse me...

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