Monday, May 07, 2007

Spring release weekend

One of two big local wine events in town just happened over the weekend. Spring release weekend is a big chance for snooty wine tourists to drop through and spend money in a very impressive but limited fashion. This meant that buses, stretch limos, stretch Ford Explorers and other rubbishy cars - along with some gems, like the Fiat the Butterfly Lady and I saw at the video store - were strewn around town among the usual cavalcade of diesel pickups driven by people who need neither a diesel nor a pickup.

What did we do? Well, we cleaned house some, watched some movies, taste-tested gummy worms (Trolli, Black Forest and Western Family. Only the Black Forest worms were edible - the other tow brands nearly reeked of coconut, which makes sense when you find out they're made with hydrogenated coconut oil - yuck.), and ate crepes (which were of course fantastic).

Also, I bumped off a warp and refit my creel (a spool rack) to make putting on warps more efficient. Wow, what a rockin' weekend!

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