Friday, May 25, 2007

Needful things

As usual, Japan is way ahead of the rest of us. It is embarrassing to me to hear people say we're the No. 1 leader in all things, because we so obviously are not.

To wit:

I'm trying to figure out what the coolest use would be for one of these ultra-thin, ultra-flexible displays. I mean, there's a whole basketful of obvious choices: A TV you can easily hang on the wall would be nice, but it would have to be pretty big, I think. If the wizards who come up with these things can ever overcome the physical obstacles to making high-fidelity, ultra-thin speakers, we'll be in business...


Holly said...

Wow! All I can think is that 20 years from now we will have some really cool stuff :-)

Johnny Yen said...

I was just talking last night to an old friend who's in the journalism business about those screens. The discussion centered around the physical format that future newspapers would take.

And I think the speakers are on their way. My son had a million-dollar idea to make pillows that had speakers in them-- you'd plug your ipod into it at night. In researching, I found that they've developed super-think speakers.

Incidentally, a couple of months ago, he saw his idea being sold at a Target store.

Johnny Yen said...

Um, that's "super-thin" speakers.