Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Information and communication technology and you

The Pew Internet Project is running a project that uses a short self-report to slot people into one of several categories based on how they use information and communication technology. You can participate, and find out your "type" here.

Me? Omnivore:
"They have the most information gadgets and services, which they use voraciously to participate in cyberspace and express themselves online." (A Pew description)
According to Pew, this slice is about 8 percent of the population, with a median age of 28 (the youngest of the 10 available types), have the most gizmos and the highest rate of broadband Internet access at home.

I suppose, but I know people in this segment who are way more of gearheads than me, and who are way more involved. Maybe the 8-percenters need a special test :)


Holly said...

That was amusing... as you could probably guess I am an omnivore too. Weird that 70% of that group is male.

Anonymous said...

I tested out to be a Mobile Centric. Not really a surprise since I typically have a ho-hum attitude to technology (except hi-def tv's). What I found amusing is that the site mentions I'm attached to my cell phone and all the "bells & whistles". Those who know me will realize that is NOT me. I don't have a flip phone. It only has 1 ring(and I have it set at a boring ring ring). I'm attached to it since it is my ONLY phone.

Chase said...

Me too...omnivore.

People confuse me with a young male ALL THE TIME though.