Monday, April 21, 2008

Play it, Jamie

I know you've all heard this before... This is one of those songs I am never not in the mood to listen to.

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Johnny Yen said...

Oh my god, I forgot that one of the first times I read your blog, you mentioned this song, and I was hooked!

Back in the day, what used to be the "prog rock" station here in Chicago used to play this song. The latenight deejay would openly tell people that he was playing it in x minutes and to cue their tape recorders (the record was hard to find).

When I was posting about the Titanic last week, I kept thinking about his song!

"Four Hundred and a half feet of rope? Whaddya got that for?

I just carry it..."

I think I've mentioned before that Jack Johnson is actually buried about a mile from my home, in Graceland Cemetary. I posted last year about taking my stepdaughter there. His basic plan was to have himself buried with the rich white people, next to the white wife they'd crucified him for marrying, to get back at the powers-that-be. At the very least, the part of it where he was buried next to the rich white people worked...