Monday, January 08, 2007

A drawback to Idyllicville

Walla Walla is a great place to live, mostly, but the retail situation leaves something to be desired.

And what, you are no doubt asking yourself, do I mean by "something"?

The butterfly lady and I went out Sunday to find three simple items:
  • A spiky collar for Katy (for walks).
  • A rubber tire/rope toy for the above canine.
  • A basic piece of oak transition, the little wood ridge that on the floor between carpeted areas and non-carpeted areas. (non-basic detail - it needs to be 95 inches long).
And what did we find?
  • A flimsy, too-small spiky collar (which we didn't buy)
  • A shrimpy rubber tire with no rope (which we didn't buy)
  • Zero transitions of the correct specs (uh, we didn't buy the wrong ones, either)
Back to the drawing board. We only checked a few places, but there are only a few places to check. In times I like these, I miss the thickly settled East.


Joseph said...

Hello Sir Blogger. I found your page through my nightly hauntings on the Web. I beg to differ from your complaints on how hard it is to find something in the retail situation here. Honestly, I run a "finding service" and I have no trouble finding most anything that I want to find, even including what you've aforementioned. Let me know if you want to find something, I can find it for you! :)

Alasdair said...

Thank you for the reminder, Joseph. I know it isn't as bad as I make it sound; I'm just still accustomed to the megametropolitan/suburban sprawl of southern New Hampshire (Boston's real North Common).

That's cool, a finding service. I think mama (findable at would be interested in talking to you...

Holly said...

Me, too! The reality of life in this place is that I often have to order things online. There is one place to shop in town for good quality, fashionable clothing that is affordable. If I want interesting underwear/lingerie, I have to wait until I go to PDX, ditto for jeans. Art supplies? Forget it. There's the college bookstore and they haven't got everything. A kennel/crate for an extra large dog. Good luck. Those are just a few of the things I've tried, and failed, to buy here.

Daphne said...

The price you pay for living in a rural area, been there done that! Living in Naptown is nice, though I miss the slower pace of The Great KC.

I still order a lot of stuff online even though stuff is more easily accessible. I buy the majority of my horse tack online, Frontline Plus for the dog and cat comes from Dr. Foster & Smith (they are awesome!), heck, I even order my chinchilla food online (Milo's food is WAY expensive otherwise).

Sometimes online is just better not only cause its cheaper but also cause you don't have to brave the crazies that are out and about :o)

If you are still looking for that prong collar, go to Care A Lot pets online. They have one for $18 and you can buy additional sections so it can grow with the big dog :o) Be warned though, that collar has more "bite" than a chain collar- a light touch is needed (i used one on Stormy when he was a pup).

Chase said...

This is why God, err, Al Gore invented the internet.

So you don't have to go to stores to buy stuff.