Thursday, January 04, 2007

Say what?

Seen on a church reader board this morning:
The teaching of the Bible is a life situation
What? Well, whatever.

On another language note, I see that the name Johannisberg Riesling is among those to be disallowed for new labels on domestic (aka U.S.) wines. This is because los federales have had it with U.S. wine producers tacking place names that don't belong (Champagne, Madeira, etc.) onto their wines.

I think a lot of people might expect that wine is South African and would be pronounced like the "world class African city."

Nein, mein Freund. Es ist "Yohannisberg," and named for the German town, which among other things must be near a hill of some sort. Interesting. I have to admit to having been ignorant, and to having referred to the wine as a Jo...

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Chase said...

I always wondered why it wasn't spelled like Joburg!