Monday, January 22, 2007

Tangled webs

Other people's weekends appear to have been more fun, but mine was at the very least eventful.

The butterfly lady and I did the usual weekend things, buying dog chow (and a water cooler-style water dish for the thirsty piggies), going to a movie ("Babel" - I'm not sure what to say about that one) and having a nice dinner (A dish of my own design and some pinot noir).

I also put on a warp. It is beautiful and will no doubt result in a lot of easily sold garments, but for reasons apparently too arcane to explain, the process was absolutely damned maddening. I did not document with video or stills: You would have seen a lot of pictures of me frowning, or heard angry grumbling. Maybe that would have been funny, though.

Nine fucking hours. For which, I admit, I am paid. Even so, if I was the pull-out-my-hair type, I would have.

Ah yes, art is so soothing.

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Anonymous said...

annie's the new copy editor!