Friday, January 05, 2007

How much detail?

While drifting through the wires, I found a few stories about a couple of women accused of turning tricks out of their homes in a fancy Atlanta suburb. Nothing surprising, but I did notice a significant difference in how much detail the stories offered on where information comes from.

USA Today's On Deadline blog post linked to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Gwinnett Daily Post, among other places to go.

As is typical for most news outlets, the AJC story refers to "a Web site which allows clients to post satisfaction ratings for women they've purportedly paid for sex."

The Daily Post, however, gives a much more detailed account and names names. Want to know where "hobbyists" go to talk about how things went with their Easy Date hookups? Try The Erotic Review, which although I could just put a link to is better to Google. More than one site has a similar name, and they seem to offer similar services for the hobbyist looking to share information.

I wonder why the Daily Post made the unusual move of spilling the details of where they got the information. I'm guessing it is because they broke the story, and were the ones who tipped police about the site's existence, but maybe they have a special policy of giving readers access to primary sources. I shall endeavor to find out!

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